Its just my backyard but I call it a hobby farm and its where our goats live and the vegetables grow, therefore it is a happy place!
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Watch my monthly  garden update videos for 2015 below:

News and Events-

4/12/15 The first plants are in the ground and the rest are still sprouting. Everything from seed this year, and only heirloom varieties. Here is a link to the current approximate plan:

2/28/15 The cover crop has been tilled into the soil and the seedlings are in starter pots. Im building a fence around the garden, gathering the drip irrigation supplies and planning on chickens in a month or two!

12/14/14 Measured out a 40' x 40' garden plot for next spring, and spread a premium soil builder cover crop seeds. I covered those seeds with about a inch of compost. I make the compost out of layers of fall leafs, the alfalfa and hay from my goats pen, plus their poops. I also get plenty of fresh sea weed from Malibu and add that to the compost pile. Throw in some organic table scraps and that's our mix. The rains have wet the ground and nature shall do her thing. 

9/12/14 update: Feels like fall and most of the vegetable garden is played out. So I stopped the automatic watering and just hand water the pumpkins and few fall crops.I have collected seeds from my favorite crops and healthiest plants for next year. I have canned the extra jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes and roasted sunflowers.